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Clever braking
Telma retarders in use
Since 1967, we have been Swiss Distributor for Telma retarders, which are manufactured in Saint-Ouen L'Aumone, France.

A Telma retarder significantly increase the safety of a vehicle in everyday road traffic. With its electromagnetic system, the retarder operates directly in the drive train and slows down the vehicle independently from the standard friction brake, partly until the vehicle reaches a standstill.

We offer Telma retarders in a range from 350 to 3300 Nm.

Telma Wirbelstrombremsen
Telma retarders are often mounted in the following types of vehicle:
  • heavy duty trucks
  • commercial vehicles as a retrofit, for example:
    • Mercedes Sprinter / Atego
    • Iveco Daily / Eurocargo
    • Renault Maxity / Mascott / Midlum
    • Mitsubishi Canter
    • Nissan Atleon
  • motor homes
  • agricultural machinery e.g. big tractors and trailers

Our services

We offer you all services related to Telma retarders:

Consultation and sales

Are you evaluating the installation of a stand-alone and nonwearing retarder in your vehicle? Or do you desire information and technical data for the Telma retarder built in to your vehicle? From his long-term experience, Mr André Müller, division manager Telma, is aware of customer needs and would be happy to advise you.

Installation in new vehicles or retrofitting of existing vehicles

In our modern workshop, we equip vehicles with Telma retarders at the request of customers. We have a wide selection of retarder types and cover all commercial vehicles with that.

Exchange aggregates

We possess a large selection of refurbished and new brakes. We can therefore offer you the appropriate retarder for your vehicle on short notice, for example, in exchange with your old retarder.

Repair service and retarder overhauls

Our long-term employees hold a great deal of specialized knowledge and distinct, practical skills. For this reason, we can support our customers quickly and flexibly during required repairs. The required replacement parts for this are taken from our comprehensive replacement parts inventory.
Mode of operation and benefits

This is how you receive perfect braking power

The three main causes for overheating of the driving brakes on vehicles with a total weight of 3.5 to 6 tons are:
  • The extended use of the brakes during operation on inclines
  • Repeated short braking in city traffic
  • The vehicle weight in an empty or loaded state
The temperature increase of the driving brakes is responsible for:
  • The loss of braking power
  • The premature wear of the brake pads, discs, and drums
The Telma retarder is an electromagnetic retarder. It operates friction-free, requires low maintenance and reduces wear on the service brake.

Further benefits of the Telma retarders:

Diminution of operating costs

The wearless Telma retarder covers about 90% of all brake applications. So the service brakes are less stressed what increases the lifetime of the elements (brake blocks, coverings and drums) and at the same time reduces the failure time of the vehicles because of maintenance services.

Safe on the way

The Telma system is connected with the drive-line. It works against the rotation, slows down the drive shaft and consequently the vehicle. This effect is obtained through electo-magnetic induction without contact and therefore without wear. Telma works as a completely independent braking system. Traffic safety will be increased because the standard friction brakes are used less and ready to function reliably in an urgency situation.

Zero-emission effectiveness

Thanks to the electromagnetic principle the Telma retarder works without friction and consequently without wear and tear. Through the decrease of the wear of break coverings, the formation of dust can be reduced by a lot.

Furthermore, the Telma retarder is operating noiseless.

Comfortable travelling

The electromagnetic technology guarantees Telma retarders' instant response to driver solicitations, thus allowing for an unprecedented driving experience. The ease of use, flexibility and progressive character of Telma retarders guarantees exceptional comfort for the driver and its passengers.
Product range

Axial series

The Axial retarder which is installed between the gear box and the rear axle is covering all weight classes. Additional installations as the control devices ERC, CTR, MCR etc. enable the use optimisation and increase the comfort for the driver (speed regulation, diagnosis...).

Division manager Telma
Phone +41 33 439 81 84

Focal series

The Focal series has been developed especially for travel busses with rear engines as well as for motor tractors with a short wheel base. The Focal retarders are directly mounted on the gear box or on the rear axle. This flange-mounting requires practically no modifications of the cardan shaft, gives important savings in weight and facilitates the maintenance works.

Spare Parts Sales and Logistics
Phone +41 33 439 81 83

Type Max. Brake Torque (NM)   Weight For vehicles
AF 30-35 350   58 kg 3,5/6 t.
AE 30-35 350   69 kg 3,5/6 t.
AE 30-32 350   81 kg 3,5/6 t.
AD 50-55 540   124 kg 4/7 t.
AF 50-60 600   88 kg 6/8 t.
AF 50-90 900   101 kg 8/12 t.
AD 50-90 900   125 kg 7/13 t.
AD 61-30 1300   190 kg 13/19 t.
AD 61-55 1550   197 kg 15/19 t.
AD 72-00 2000   230 kg 17/22 t.
AD 72-60 2600   255 kg 25/32 t.
AC 83-00 3000   364 kg 35/40 t.
AC 83-31 3300   380 kg 40/50 t.
FN 71-30 1300   130 kg 9/15 t.
FN 71-65 1650   157 kg 13/17 t.
FN 71-95 1900   164 kg 15/19 t.
FN 72-20 2200   173 kg 19/26 t.
FN 72-40 2400   180 kg 19/26 t.
FN 82-40 2400   162 kg 19/26 t.
FN 83-00 3000   235 kg 40/44 t.
FN 83-30 3300   255 kg 40/50 t.
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Functional principle
Two discs, the so-called rotors, are connected at rotation with the drive shaft. The stator, which carries the bobbins, is situated between these two rotors and fixed on the chassis.

As soon as the electrical current flows in the bobbins with changing polarity, it is generating a magnetic field which is closed through the rotors. This magnetic field creates eddy currents in the rotors which work against the rotation and consequently slow down the drive shaft. This effect is obtained through electo-magnetic induction without contact and therefore without wear.

The induced current transforms the retarding energy of the vehicle, through the Joule effect, in the form of warmth in the rotors. The cooling happens through the fan blades which carry off the calories directly to the air. This way the device works absolutely autonomously.
Telma factory
Telma group, located in Saint-Ouen l'Aumône, France, is planning, manufacturing and distributing electromagnetic retarders on the market worldwide where they have a leading position.

Today, Telma group produces over 32 000 retarders per year, employs 265 employees and has offices in France, Germany, China, the United States, India, Brazil and the United Kingdom. Telma's distribution network includes more than 350 agents representing the Telma brand worldwide.
We offer you creative solutions in a flexible and dynamic manner. Let us know your requirements. We are prepared and will be delighted if you contact us.


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